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Selecting the Right Doctor for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Selecting the Right Doctor for
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

Take the First Step to Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

If you think you may have fibromyalgia (or another chronic pain condition), it’s important to find the right doctor. Rheumatologists often diagnose fibromyalgia. Your primary care physician or a neurologist may also diagnose the condition.

It’s important to find a doctor who is:

  • Experienced in treating fibromyalgia symptoms
  • A believer in working with a patient as a team
  • Empathetic and a good listener

Do you have a doctor you know well? If not, here are a few tips:

  1. Ask a friend, family member, or coworker. Have someone you know and trust refer you to a doctor. It’s a great place to start.
  2. Learn more about the doctor’s fibromyalgia experience. While many health care professionals have experience treating fibromyalgia, some have more experience than others.
  3. Should you see a specialist? Ask your doctor. Be sure to ask questions on your first visit. Together, you can decide whether you should see a specialist. Some health care professionals like rheumatologists, pain specialists, and neurologists have devoted their careers to pain relief.
  4. Call your health care insurance provider. They will have a list of health care professionals covered under your plan in a location near you. They can also tell you what steps you need to take before you see a specialist.

Click here to find a doctor through the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

“My doctor worked with me for a while before I got back to
being myself. Now, I'm feeling so much better that I tell my doctor,
‘I love you,’ every time I see him!”

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