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Getting a Diagnosis

The Frustration of Not Knowing the Source of Your Pain Symptoms

Living with pain, and not knowing why, can be incredibly frustrating.

Millions of Americans live in the limbo of not understanding their mysterious persistent pain symptoms. Consider these statistics:

  • It takes an average of more than 2 years to get an accurate diagnosis of fibromyalgia
  • Research shows that 92% of fibromyalgia sufferers have talked about their symptoms with a doctor. But this discussion leads to diagnosis only 24% of the time

Why is there such a large gap between talking with a doctor and getting a diagnosis? How can the gap be narrowed? These questions, and more, are explored in this section.

Get an “insider’s view” of the doctor’s side of the story. Why is diagnosing fibromyalgia so hard?
Learn more about diagnosing fibromyalgia

How can you select a doctor who is able to help you in your journey to diagnosis?
Read about how to select a doctor for fibromyalgia pain relief

How can you prepare to have a productive visit with your doctor?
Find information about how to prepare to talk about fibromyalgia symptoms

How can you have a conversation with your doctor that may bring you closer to the answers you seek?
Learn more about discussing fibromyalgia diagnosis with your doctor

Get inspired by people who have taken the journey from “not knowing” to diagnosis.
Read about people who improved their lives after receiving a fibromyalgia diagnosis

Help others learn from your own story.
Share your fibromyalgia story